• Motorcycle Insurance in BC
    How much does insurance cost? We get this question a lot, but the truth is that we don’t actually know. This is because there are many factors which can affect your insurance premium, to the point where two people with the exact same bike could end up paying a completely different amount for their insurance….
  • How do I get a BC Motorcycle License
    You want to cruise down the streets of Vancouver on top of a gleaming chrome stead but not sure where to start. Follow these steps below and you’ll have your license before you even know it.
  • More Notes on How to pass the ICBC Motorcycle Road Test
    Even more tips and tricks about what it takes to acquire your full Class 6 License in BC. ICBC ROAD TEST Skills Tested Other Links The following skills will be marked: Speed Control Communication Observation Space Margins Steering More Resources On Test Day Road Test Scheduling Retesting
  • Traffic Violations – Fines & Points
    The following is a short-list of some motorcycle-related infractions and their associated fines & points. A more comprehensive and up-to-date list of fines & points can be found on the ICBC website: Licensing Motorcycle-Specific General Infractions Did you know … More Resources
  • HOV Use for Motorcycles in British Columbia
    Is a motorcycle considered a High-Occupancy Vehicle? Section 42.01 of the BC Motor Vehicle Act defines a High-Occupancy Vehicle as “a vehicle under 5500 kg GVW that is carrying at least the minimum number of persons specified by the applicable traffic control device”. By this definition, a motorcycle with a single occupant would NOT be considered…
  • Motorcycle Parking in Vancouver- Do’s & Don’ts
  • How to pass the ICBC Motorcycle Road Test
    “I’ve been driving/riding for years; I should have no problem passing a motorcycle road test!” This is a phrase that we hear often when discussing road testing with students and potential students in British Columbia. The unfortunate truth is actually quite alarming, as many people with significant driving experience (and even riding experience) have failed…