License Expiry

There is often some confusion as to when your Learner’s License expires.  It’s not 1 year from when you took the course, or 1 year from when you passed the MSA/MST; your Learner’s License expires 1 year from when you completed the computer test at the ICBC Licensing Office.

Learner’s License Re-issuance

Unfortunately a Learner’s License cannot be renewed or extended; if your Learner’s License expires before passing the Road Test, then you’ll need to obtain a new learner’s license.

Knowledge Retest

Your Learner’s License can be re-issued as early as 90 days before it expires.  Just go down to the ICBC Driver Licensing Office and re-do the Knowledge Test.  Once you pass, you will be reissued a Motorcycle License with Full Restrictions.  Make sure to re-study the book – if you fail the Knowledge Test than you’ll have No license. ICBC now permits just 1 attempt every 7 days.

  • UPDATE – As of 2020, Knowledge testing is available by appointment only. Call ICBC‘s Driver Licensing Info Line and leave a voicemail; one of their agents will call you back to book your appointment. Plan ahead – demand often exceeds supply and short-notice appointments may be difficult to obtain.

Parking Lot Retest

After passing the knowledge test, your learner’s license is reissued with FULL RESTRICTIONS, and you’ll need to re-do the MSA/MST portion to have the Speed & Supervisor restrictions lifted.

Motorcycle Skills Tests can be done for free at ICBC through the public system.  Alternatively Survival Rider Course Graduates can book an MSA retest at ProRIDE for up to 6 years from your original course (and sometimes longer). Our cost is $60+gst.

During a ProRIDE MSA Retest, graduates are given time to practice each test maneuver on your own, as well as with an instructor.  You can bring your own bike or borrow ours.

When you’re done practicing you can roll up and challenge the MSA.  Upon passing you’ll be issued another document which you can take to ICBC to have your Speed & Supervisor restrictions lifted.

MSA Retests are $60+gst. 


  • We are permitted to re-test our Survival Rider Graduates only, provided your original course records are still in our possession.  We are required to retain all school records for a minimum of 6 years, but in some cases we have retained records older than 6 years.
  • After passing your MSA retest, don’t forget to book your road test.  If you do not pass your road test before your new license expires then we will be seeing you next year at the same time for another MSA Retest.

Register: MSA Retest

  • Our registration calendar will only accept appointments up to 1 month in advance; if the session you are trying to book is more than 1 month away, it will open up automatically once it is within 1 month away.