We are a diverse team of passionate motorcycle enthusiasts!

ProRIDE is Vancouver’s oldest motorcycle training school. We’ve been teaching riding since 2000 across the lower mainland.

Why ProRIDE?

Flexible Training

Offering both Group and Private training in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. We can accommodate any schedule.

Friendly Instructors

Knowledgeable and friendly. We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and inclusive environment for all students.

Multiple Locations

With training locations in Vancouver, New Westminster. We teach across the lower mainland. Vancouver, North and West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam

Expansive Fleet

We have a variety of different models and styles of motorcycles to suit whatever fits your body and personality.

Massive Training Lot

Our training lots are well maintained and clean from debris. Students have all the space they need to practice all the essential riding skills such as shifting gears and countersteering.

MSA Included

If you take the Survival Rider Course, the MSA is included as part of the curriculum. During peak season, ICBC’s wait time for the parking lot test can be daunting. Skip the wait with us.

Our Instructors


Carol was very much a tomboy growing up. From racing/jumping BMX bikes to playing baseball, track and field, snowboarding, skateboarding, and martial arts, she always wanted to beat all the boys (still does). Envisioning herself on a motorcycle was no different.

Self taught to understand the concept of the clutch and throttle, her very first experience with a motorcycle was in 1993. A friend had asked for help piecing back together a 1981 Honda CT-70 motorcycle. Once fixed, with no training whatsoever, she rode it without a helmet or any protective gear. Leaving behind a huge trail of blue smoke and enough noise to shatter windows, her heart beating wildly, she knew she was instantly addicted. Nowadays, she would never recommend or suggest anyone ride without protection and is a huge proponent of ATGATT (all the gear all the time).

The road to becoming an instructor came closer when after a series of life events, she needed to make a change. After years of Lionel begging her to become an instructor and teach for him, Carol quit the rat race in 2017 and went on to pursue her motorcycle passion and became a full time instructor in 2018. With 24 yrs of riding under her belt, she wants to share and pass on the passion to new riders, while instilling safety and having fun.


Christopher is a life long gear head. His father, a keen supporter of child labour, had Christopher reaching for hard to access bolts on a wide array of vehicles from a young age. Later in life, his interest in four wheeled vehicles expanded to include two and after attending a motorcycle safety course he’s been riding ever since.

His interest in vehicles is vast, with a slight bias towards the old and quirky. Ask him about his jazz vinyl collection if you want to know what a hipster stereotype he is.

In the cooler months you’ll likely find him elbow deep in an old Land Rover, sliding a 1970 Buick across a frozen lake, or indulging in a bit of self-deprecation. One day he intends to put his degree to use and actually code something other than csv sorting programs, but that remains to be seen.


Ben and his wife’s first Valentine’s gift to each other was going to ICBC and getting their motorcycle license together. He loves taking his bike to the track with his wife, and loves talking about the minutiae of how to ride through every corner.

Ben likes to ride, golf, enjoy the sun in the summer, and snowboard in the winter. Ben is also a CASI level 1 snowboard instructor.

Ben enjoys working on his own bikes during his free time, and is currently fine tuning a pair of Yamaha R3s to enjoy with his wife on the track. With mindful maintenance and canny customization, the performance of any machine can be exponentially enhanced.

Ben is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese & English.


Warren is a ProRIDE graduate who has enjoyed more than a decade of riding motorcycles – commuting, touring and on track. He loves all motorcycles and always wants “one more”.

Since young he has strived to learn and improve his skills. Now as a ProRIDE instructor he is eager to share his knowledge and passion for motorcycles. Helping students start / continue the motorcycle journey, developing their skills which will open up new roads, friendships and experiences.


Marcel is an individual motivated by excellence.  By day he is a Financial Literacy and Corporate Banking Professional.  After hours he is a Survival Riding Ninja Master with years of safe riding experience!

Outgoing & compassionate, Marcel’s patience and effective communication cater to all skill levels.


After decades of practice, Kevin concluded that two of the best ways to spend a day are (1) on a motorcycle, and (2) helping eager students achieve their goals. So, he thought, what if I could combine the two? Turns out, there’s an app for that: ProRIDE.

When not hustling Frank through the deserts of the American southwest, Kevin has taught students to mush a dog-sled team, appreciate poetry, hone their life skills, create fire by rubbing two sticks together and conjugate English verbs; he’s still waiting for a student who wants to do all these things simultaneously. While he waits, Kevin finds it rewarding to help people acquire new skills and gain lasting confidence as survival riders. Kevin is currently owned by Quinn and Mayday, who are dogs.


Some call Ryan a Renaissance man of sorts. He is a lawyer, journalist, and educator. He also has a passion for performing arts – you may see him in a pro wrestling ring, on a stand up comedy stage, singing in a choir, or acting in a local theatre production. One day he hopes to recreate all of the Tom Cruise motorcycle scenes.


Kevan has ridden over 90,000 Km since he began ten years ago. For five of those years riding was his main mode of transportation; rain or shine. If you have any questions about your daily commute, then he has ample experience in BC’s climate. Taking enjoyment in personal challenges, Kevan looks forward to spending more time on the track. He enjoys instructing as a means of giving back to the riding community that has welcomed him and given him many friends and memories.

When Kevan is not burning rubber he’s playing tabletop/video games, making fancy drinks, watching or listening to sci-fi or fantasy media, and maintaining his bike.


You could say Motorcycling is in Lionel’s blood. He’s been hooked since his uncles taught him to ride as a child. He took Action Motorcycle Training in 1996 and has ridden all over the world ever since. In 2018 Lionel completed the 40-hour “Ride Like a Cop” curriculum at Northwest Motorcycle School in Oregon and qualified with flying colours.

Lionel has been teaching since 2010 and is passionate about making sure his students have an amazing experience in the class and on the streets, ever after. Lionel was one of the founding members of ProRide in 2000.

He currently rides a Zero SR and is more than happy to extol the benefits of electric motorcycles.


The General
Licensed Motorcycle Instructor,
EMA First Responder,
and ACMG Climbing Gym Instructor;
She has ONE JOB!