Traffic Class

Starting at $80+gst

This group ride, led by ProRIDE staff, expands on the skills learned in your Survival Rider Training Program, allowing you to continue developing your skill under the supervision of our experienced professionals. One Traffic class is included with the Premium Survival Rider Course; additional and basic classes available on a pay-per-use basis, at the cost of $80+gst. Use of a school bike is included, or BYO for our daytime traffic classes. Students will build on skills learned in the Survival Rider Training Course, including:
  • Route planning options
  • Lane dominance and positioning
  • Solo and group riding
  • Highway riding (entering, exiting and riding at speed)
  • Urban and rural riding
  • Cornering and curves
  • Confidence riding in traffic
To that end, ProRIDE offers 2 different levels of Traffic Classes.
Traffic 1 ClassThis is the equivalent of the Monday class from your Survival Rider Course.  This ride is a gradual and progressive introduction to riding in Traffic.  After a short warm-up in the parking lot to brush up on your bike skills, our staff will lead the class into side streets where students can practice riding through residential areas, school zones, and playground zones, as well as riding into and out of dead-ends and cul-de-sacs.  By the end of the class, students will find themselves riding through local multi-lane traffic.  A coffee stop is planned along the way so come prepared! You may attend as many traffic classes as you need to feel comfortable in traffic with the pay-per-use program. Traffic 1 Classes are scheduled “On-Demand”; if you’d like to attend a Traffic 1 Class, but do not see one in the schedule, please Contact Us and let us know.
Traffic 2 ClassThis class picks up where you left off at the end of the Traffic 1 Class.  Following a brief warm-up in the parking lot, the class will be brought right out into multi-lane traffic.    Your ride will include a brief coffee break. This ride will include merging on and off of Highway portions and riding at speeds of up to 95km/h along the way. It is strongly recommended to ride ~100km after completing Traffic 1 and before attending Traffic 2.

How to Register

A traffic class is included with every Premium Survival Rider Training Course.

Additional traffic classes may be booked on a pay-per-use basis anytime. It can also be an add-on to the Basic Survival Rider Training Course. The cost is $80+gst.

Please note:

Traffic classes 1 & 2, are progressive classes and must be completed sequentially – sorry, no exceptions!.

We will endeavour to complete the classes on time, however traffic conditions may result in an early or late return. Please accommodate your time for this.

Premium Survival Rider Graduates get 1 traffic class included with their course as well as a mock test simulation.

  • Register Here for your Included Class, even if you are bringing your own bike.

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  • 1 extra class is included (no extra charge) with your Survival Rider course;
  • Additional traffic classes may be purchased on a pay-per-use basis
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