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Check out the answers to some of these Frequently Asked Questions:

We had to discontinue group class training in March 2020 when BC implemented the State of Emergency for CoVid-19.

With the rest of BC now moving into Phase 3 of the BC Restart Plan, ProRIDE is also continuing to resume our services, compliant with directives issued by the public health office.

To that end, Survival Rider group classes are now underway; Classes may be booked here:

Reminder that a motorcycle learner's license is required to start training. Going forward, knowledge testing for motorcycle learner's licenses will be available by appointment only, and ICBC will be taking appointments by phone.

MSA Retests will also be available for students who’s licenses have expired, but you must first obtain a NEW learner’s license (ie. re-do knowledge test) at ICBC before coming to see us for the parking lot test. We absolutely cannot retest you on an old or expired learner’s license! More info, or to book:

We are continuing to work on restoring additional suspended services as BC moves into the next phase of the BC Restart Plan. Those who are following our newsfeed on Facebook or Twitter will be notified *instantly* when we make those announcements.

Please note below which services are restored and which services remain suspended:

  • Survival Rider Courses – Now Booking
  • MSA Retesting – Now Booking
  • Traffic Classes – Now Booking
  • Short-term Bike Rentals – Now Booking
  • Skills Upgrade Classes – Now Booking
  • Road Testing – Now Booking
  • Pre-Test Simulator Sessions – Now Booking
  • Maintenance Classes – Suspended
  • Skills Test Prep Class – Suspended
  • Road Test Prep Class – Suspended

Any student who had paid for a suspended service will receive a credit for that service which can be used when service is restored.

Please note that Capilano University's indoor facilities remains closed at this time; our outdoor training can take place at CapU, however our indoor classroom sessions will take place at an interim location. More info:

Before you can take our class, you need to do a Knowledge Test and get a motorcycle learner's license. ICBC has now reintroduced Testing Services, and at this time Knowledge Testing is available by appointment only. Currently ICBC is booking a month or more for knowledge testing. Call ICBC's Licensing Line (​1-800-950-1498) to book an appointment for a knowledge test.

More info:

ICBC has reopened road testing, and ProRIDE graduates may now book in for a Motorcycle Road Test as well as a Pre-Test Simulator Session.

At the moment we are limiting bookings to no further than 1 month in advance. Each week a new group of appointments will cycle into the calendar. Sorry, we are unable to save anyone a spot for road testing. Students are encouraged to book in online:

Unfortunately we are unable to keep a wait list. If you are trying to get in and the calendar appears full, we encourage you to check back frequently as a new group of appointments will cycle into the calendar each week!

In order to ensure the safety of our students and instructors, ProRIDE is committed to following all guidelines provided by the Provincial Health Officer and WorkSafeBC.

Indoor / Classroom

  • Proof of vaccination will be checked upon entry;
  • A minimum 2 meter distance will be maintained;
  • Use of 3-layer face masks & hand sanitizer will be recommended and required, and will be available as needed;
  • Class size is limited to maximum 13 students (roughly a 50% reduction from our normal capacity);
  • Desks and classroom equipment, including door handles and washrooms will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Outdoor / Parking Lot

  • A minimum 2 meter distance will be maintained;
  • Face masks are not required outdoors where safe distancing is observed, but required for close quarters interaction;
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available;
  • Helmets and gear will be sanitized after each use.

Self-serve registration is available 24/7 using your smartphone or computer. Our convenient online calendar is updated in real-time; Click the Register link below to view up-to-the-minute class availability.Register Now!NEW – Now you can also register in person at our new Self-Serve Registration Kiosk located at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver!

ProRIDE Survival Rider courses are conducted at Capilano University in North Vancouver. Click the button below for more information on this beautiful facility, as well as directions and a map.Location

Classes are conducted weekly between February and October each year, including holiday weekends. Each course runs 5 consecutive days, beginning on Thursday and concluding the following Monday. A new course begins each week on Thursday.Schedules Scroll down to the next section to see more info on Class Times, or click the “Schedules” button to access our Real-Time Calendar and view the next available course.

Classes run on three different schedules depending on the time of year:ProRIDE 2021 Class Schedule

During peak season we run two classes per week. At registration you will be given the option of choosing Day Class or Night Class. Note that Day Class and Night Class share the classroom time on the first two days. While we strive to finish our classes on time, unpredictable traffic conditions which may delay our return times are unfortunately beyond our control.

It is normal for most riding schools to be pre-booked weeks or even months in advance. There's always a chance for a last minute cancellation, however we do not keep a wait list. Our online registration system functions autonomously 24/7, and sudden openings arising from late cancellations will automatically appear instantly in real-time.

This two-step plan is the best way to get in as soon as possible:

  1. Book in for the next earliest course; as the weather warms up, wait times will start to increase.
  2. After booking a course, continue to monitor our online calendar. If a sudden opening comes up you can open up your existing booking and simply move it up to the earlier date.

If no earlier opening becomes available, then at least you have booked in to the next earliest course.

Finally, don't forget that a Motorcycle Learner's License is required to attend our course. The Learner's test is available at an ICBC testing centre BY APPOINTMENT only, and ICBC is backlogged by months at this time. If you haven't already obtained the learner's license, then you can follow the same two-step process above to book yourself in at ICBC. More info on licensing:

You may cancel your course on up to two-weeks notice and receive a full refund. Late Cancellations and Missed Classes are addressed in our School Policies.

Our classroom presentation will feature a thorough discussion about safety gear, including an opportunity for Q&A. Some students may elect to defer any large purchases until after this presentation, and that's perfectly fine with us.

Until you purchase your long-term safety gear & apparel, you can wear a short-term solution. A sturdy jacket that zips up, along with a pair of long pants and some hiking boots with high socks may be sufficient for now, but keep in mind that these items provide minimal protection in the event of a fall. Consider wearing your elbow and knee pads if you're worried about falling.

A Full-Face Helmet with chin protection is required for the course. Bring your own or borrow ours. See below for a list of recommended safety gear.

ProRIDE Apparel Recommendations

ProRIDE Motorcycle Fleet

We have a diverse array of bikes in our fleet, including scooters, cruisers, sport bikes, standard and dual sport motorcycles from heavyweight brands such as Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Our fleet ranges in size and power, including bikes in the 111-400cc class, as well as the 401-750cc class.  Our lowest bike seats at just 26 inches, so even the most petite of riders can touch the ground with their feet flat while stopped or reversing.  The bikes are constantly rotating as we are buying and selling bikes frequently.

Each ProRIDE bike has been upgraded with the student's safety in mind, including one or more of the following on each bike:

  • Sliders, Engine Guards, and/or Hand Guards
  • LED lighting for visibility in daylight, nighttime, and rainy conditions
  • After-market horn for a stronger street-presence

The diversity of our fleet is one of the strengths of our school, and each student in our course has the opportunity to ride as many different motorcycles as possible.  Not only will this will help to ensure you get the most thorough education possible, but also you'll be better prepared to make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your 1st bike.

ProRIDE classes run rain or shine. Quite frankly, learning to ride in the rain makes you a better rider. Few riders plan to ride in the rain, but since we live in "Raincouver", getting caught in the rain is not a question of "if", but rather a question of "when". Learning to ride in the rain will help you prepare to face this challenge when it comes.

On the rainy days we open a couple of 10-ft canopies so you can dry off in-between each exercise.  We also provide Stormtech Rain Gear, or bring your own.  Just the same we recommend you bring a towel and a change of clothes for the drive home,  just in case.

For more information on Road Testing, please visit our Road Test page.

Road Testing

Road Test FAQ

Road testing for ProRIDE begins in March, and concludes in November. We are now accepting bookings for the road test.
ICBC provides ProRIDE with dedicated road test times each year for our students, starting in the springtime and concluding usually in November. You’ll be given the opportunity to book a road test through ProRIDE once you’ve completed your Survival Rider Training Course. Oftentimes students are able to secure a test date through our system as much as a month earlier than booking a test through the public system. That said, after completing the Survival Rider course, we encourage students to ride 1000kms or more before challenging the ICBC Road Test, as you are more likely to pass on the 1st attempt with significant road time under your seat. Please Note:
  • The licensing process can take several months.  ICBC requires that you complete your road test before the Expiry Date printed on your learner’s license; please monitor this date closely.  Students with time constraints are encouraged to discuss your needs with ProRIDE administration at your earliest opportunity.
  • Road test demand often exceeds supply. ProRIDE can make no guarantees regarding the timeliness of road test availability after the course.  It is wise to plan several months ahead for road testing.
There are several testing centres in Metro Vancouver; you may book a road test at any testing centre in BC, however ProRIDE's private testing schedule is provided by ICBC Burnaby on Lougheed Highway.
ICBC Burnaby
ICBC Driver Licensing, Burnaby
  • 3880 Lougheed Highway
  • Burnaby BC
  • V5C 6N4
  • 604-661-2255
  • M-F 8am-5pm
    • Pre-tests are conducted in groups; please aim to arrive 15 minutes in advance so your group can depart on time;
  • Pre-Test Sessions meet in NORTH VANCOUVER at various locations. Please make note of your Simulator location below:

Daytime Class (Morning & Afternoon)
  • Meets @ ProRIDE HQ, North Vancouver;
  • 1470 Rupert Street (near Canadian Tire)
  • Map >>

Evening Class
  • Meets @ CapU
  • ProRIDE Bike Shack (behind the Maple Building)
  • Map >>

Most students have their own bike long before the road test is on their radar, and we encourage you to ride and practice on your bike before the test. For students who need a bike for the test, ProRIDE training bikes are available on a rental basis.

That said, on the road test you will be marked on such things as shoulder checking, decision-making, and riding in traffic, as well as rules, lines & signs. These skills are what is emphasized on the test, regardless of which bike you ride.

ICBC will conduct your road test "Rain-or-Shine".  Many students cancel their test in the rain, but keep in mind the following:
  • ICBC charges a fee of $25 for cancellations taken within 48 hours of the appointment time
  • If you cancel your test it may be several months again before you can book another one.
It's a good idea to practice riding in the rain before test day to make sure that you are prepared to meet this challenge if it rains on test day. ProRIDE provides Rain Gear for those rainy test days, or bring your own.
There's always a chance for a last minute cancellation, however we do not keep a wait list.  In fairness to all students, cancellations are published on our website and social media channels and filled on a 1st-come-1st-served basis.  You should actively monitor our website and Social Media and be ready to jump on any cancellations that may come up. If you have your own bike then you have the option of rolling in to ICBC and checking-in on Standby.  If there is a last-minute cancellation or no-show then they offer the spot to anyone checked-in on standby.  It's definitely a gamble, as you could be waiting all day for a cancellation that may never come.  Your best bet for this is on a rainy day.
You may cancel your test on up to 48-hours notice without penalty. ICBC charges a $25 fee for late cancellations or no-shows. Keep in mind if you cancel your test it may be several months again before you can book another one.  Please make certain to plan ahead.
Your ICBC Road Test is *not* paid for with your course tuition. ICBC charges a Road Test Fee to provide road test services, and this fee is not covered in your course tuition. We do not pay ICBC on your behalf. Please come prepared to on test day to submit your Road Test Fee to ICBC, in addition to any fines, tolls, or tickets.

The demand for testing often exceeds the available supply. We have been managing the backlog by only booking 6 weeks out. Road Test bookings open up each week on Wednesday and Thursday at midnight for Wednesday and Thursday in 6 weeks, and the spots that open up tend to fill up within minutes.

It is fair to say that the number of students attempting to book in exceeds the number of spots available each day. As a result it stands to reason that not everybody who is up at that hour will be successful in booking a spot.

In addition to checking back at midnight each Wednesday & Thursday, we encourage you to monitor both our calendar as well as the public system and see if any cancellations come up. Cancellations on the ProRIDE system are shown instantly in real-time so you wouldn't have to wait until midnight to see cancellations.

Before you contact us, please review our FAQ to see if the answer to your Frequently Asked Question is listed there.

Please include your telephone number if you prefer to be contacted by telephone. Phone lines are open 9:30am to 5:30pm Tuesday to Saturday (excepting holidays). We aim to respond to callback requests within 24hrs, but callbacks can sometimes take as long as 48hrs.

Email: or fill out the form above.

  • Make certain to add us to your email Safe Sender/Contact list to ensure our correspondence is not misdirected to your Junk or Spam folder.

Telephone: 604-408-RIDE (7433)

  • Phone lines open 0930 to 1730 Tuesday to Friday; Voicemail and Email available 7 days a week;
  • We apologize if we are unable to answer your call right away; We may be servicing another student, conducting a class, or operating a motor vehicle at the time of your call;
  • If your call goes unanswered please leave a voicemail and we will return your call as soon as possible;
  • Have you checked out our FAQ?  The answer to your question may already be there;
  • Self-Serve Registration is available through our website 24/7 using your smartphone, laptop or computer;
  • If you need assistance signing up by telephone, please first create an  User Account: ; we cannot sign you up over the telephone if you do not have an User Account on the website;
  • Please note that our online booking calendar is our ONLY calendar and it is 100% accurate; we will not be able to find an earlier date over the telephone.

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