MSA Retest

ICBC Motorcycle Skills TestThere is often some confusion as to when your Learner’s License expires.  It’s not 1 year from when you took the course, or 1 year from when you passed the parking lot test; your Learner’s License expires 1 year from when you completed the computer test at the ICBC Licensing Office.

Unfortunately a Learner’s License cannot be renewed or extended; if your Learner’s License expires before passing the Road Test, then you’ll need to start the process again from the beginning and re-do every test you’ve done up to this point.

Your Learner’s License can be re-issued as early as 2 weeks before it expires.  Just go down to the ICBC Driver Licensing Office and re-do the Knowledge Test.  Once you pass, you will be reissued a Motorcycle License with Full Restrictions.  Make sure to re-study the book – if you fail the Knowledge Test than you’ll have No license.

MSA RetestNext you’ll need to re-ride the Parking Lot Test to have the Speed & Supervisor restrictions lifted.

Motorcycle Skills Tests can be done for free at ICBC through the public system.  Alternatively we can administer an MSA retest in our training lot at Cap U.

MSA Retests with ProRide are a 2-hour visit, during which time you’ll hear again how the MSA works, how it is marked, how to pass, and how to fail.

You’ll then be given the remaining time on a school bike to practice each maneuver on your own, as well as with an instructor.  You can practice for as long or as short as you like – we won’t retest you until you’re ready.

Finally when you’re ready you can roll up and ride the MSA.  Upon passing you’ll be issued another document which you can take to ICBC to have your Speed & Supervisor restrictions lifted.

This 2-hour session is just $39+gst.  Click the button below to book an MSA Retest:

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After passing your MSA retest, don’t forget to Book your ICBC Road Test through ProRide!