Destination Riding & International Driving Permits

Destination Riding & International Driving Permits

International Driving PermitThere are many great places to ride outside of Canada, including the US, Europe, and Asia. If you’re thinking of exploring some of these great riding destinations, make certain to pick yourself up an International Driving Permit.

This multilingual document costs $25 for a 1-year permit, and is recognized in over 49 countries. You can get an IDP endorsement on any vehicle for which you are fully licensed in your home jurisdiction.  It’s a good idea to have one even for trips to the US, as states which don’t border Canada directly may not be used to seeing Canadian drivers licenses.

IDPs are issued at any BCAA office.  See the links below for more information:

Travel InsuranceAlso don’t forget to obtain sufficient travel insurance. Your provincial healthcare plan is usually quite limited in its coverage, and medical services for travellers can be very expensive, to the tune of significant debt or bankruptcy. Travel insurance can cost around $50 per year, and MEC members get a discount at the Co-Operators.

Be aware that a learner’s license may limit your travel insurance coverage.  Make sure to ask your insurance provider about this.

Be prepared and ride safe!!

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