Weekend Training Bike Rentals

Starts at $79+gst

As a ProRIDE graduate, you can continue to train on your own time, and at your own convenience through our Weekend Rental Program, available exclusively to ProRIDE Survival Rider Graduates only!

Easy Motorcycle Rentals

Motorcycle Rentals

Many retail rental places will only rent motorcycles to customers who have a full motorcycle license.  But now that you have completed the ProRIDE Survival Rider Course, you can book a school motorcycle for practice time on weekends with just a valid Motorcycle Learner’s License!  Rental rates are competitive with current market rates to ensure you are getting the best deal on a motorcycle rental!

Reserving our training equipment is quick and easy!

Various Styles Available

ProRide Motorcycle Fleet

With our training bikes, you have access to various styles and types of bikes to train on. You can rest assured that our motorcycles undergo routine maintenance and are in top shape to provide you with quality training equipment!

Green Tag Bikes

Ride our most common training bikes, starting at $79+gst.

Black Tag Bikes

Our most popular bikes. Rates start at $109+gst.

How to Book your Rental

Prepare for your road test; school bikes are available to rent to help you practice! Credit card required.

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Cycle BC Rentals & ToursMore student rental options are available from CycleBC, including options for Weekday & Long-Term Rentals, and Road Trip bikes

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250cc Sport
250cc Cruiser

Terms & Conditions

  • Reservation required in advance, no later than the day before.  Sorry, no exceptions.
  • Our Rental Program is not a full-time operation; rentals are available primarily on weekends only, as well as for road testing on Wednesday & Thursday.
  • Students renting bikes must have completed the 1st day of Survival Rider Traffic Class, and have Restriction 11/38 removed from their Learner’s License.
  • Training Bike Rentals are not included with your Survival Rider course tuition.  Rentals are provided at an additional cost, shown above, and a credit card is required to secure your rental.
  • ProRIDE Training Bike Rentals are intended to provide Survival Rider graduates the opportunity to obtain sufficient practice in preparation for the ICBC Road Test.
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Local Ride Destinations

2021 Promo

Rent any bike on a Saturday and join that day’s Traffic Class for $1+gst (space permitting)!!
Deal valid for 2021!

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