Burnaby Kawasaki

Burnaby Kawasaki

Kawasaki Summer Deal 2017!

Kawasaki Summer Deal

Burnaby Kawasaki
Burnaby Kawasaki is your premier retailer of new and pre-owned motorcycles. Their dedicated sales staff and top-trained technicians are there to make your motorcycle shopping experience fun, easy and stress free.

Their main goals are:

  1. Do one thing (Kawasaki motorcycles) and do it better than anyone else.
  2. Help their customers find motorcycles that best match their needs.
  3. Provide their customers what they want, when they want it, at a price they can afford
  4. Offer a level of service that exceeds the customers expectations.


7771 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC
V3N 1B9


Phone: 604-525-9393
Website: www.burnabykawasaki.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/burnabykawasaki