The Survival Rider Program, ProRIDE’s feature course, is an ICBC-Approved training program. During this 5-day all-inclusive course, students will be given an opportunity to ride a variety of school bikes while covering such topics as Rider Psychology, Control Fundamentals, Vehicle Dynamics, and Survival Riding Strategies. Additionally riders will be taught how to manage Space, Time, and Visibility, as well as develop and reinforce good riding habits for a variety of riding conditions.

ProRide Training Lot
At 2.25 acres, ProRIDE‘s training lot is the largest in Metro Vancouver!

During this program, riding skills are assessed on-site (the parking lot test) and graduating riders may qualify to have the Speed and Supervisor restrictions lifted from their learner’s license**.

Though these classes are designed with the beginner rider in mind, many experienced riders have taken this course to upgrade their skills to the most current standard. As lifelong learners, we welcome and encourage riders of all levels to continue to develop their skills, and to learn or relearn new or different ways to enjoy riding bikes!

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Before the course begins:

  • Students should be proficient with riding a bicycle. The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough; if you haven’t ridden one as an adult, we strongly recommend you obtain a bicycle and refamiliarize yourself before the 1st rider training class.
  • Motorcycles are primarily manual-shift.  Manual shifting is thoroughly covered in the course, but any practical experience driving a manual-shift car will be helpful.
  • Students need to visit an ICBC Driver Licensing branch and qualify for a Class 6 Learner’s License. You must present your learner’s license on each day of the course.
  • ICBC’s “Learn to Ride Smart” manual is required reading for this course. Students are encouraged to complete this reading before the 1st class; you may obtain a printed copy free at any ICBC Driver Licensing Office, or read and study it online.
ProRide Apparel Requirements

For apparel and safety gear check out our Retail Partners:

Or these other fine retailers:

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How to Register

Self-serve registration is available 24/7 using your smartphone or computer.  Our convenient online calendar is updated in real-time; Click the Schedules button below to view up-to-the-minute class availability.

New – Now you can also register in person at our new Registration Kiosk located at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver!

Group training includes:

  • 2x Classroom Theory Sessions: 8 hours;
  • 2x Closed Circuit Practical Training Sessions: 12 hours;

ICBC-Approved course time = 20 hours

PLUS 1x Traffic Sessions: 3 Hours;

Total Survival Rider Course Time:
23 hrs

Also included:

Motorcycle Skills Assessment
Included (upon successful completion of all required modules)

Use of a school bike
Included for all course time and testing;

A 2nd Traffic Session (+3 hrs)
Included at no additional charge ($79 value);

Road Test Support Package (+2 hrs)
Included at no additional charge ($159 value);

Total Instructional/Support Time:
23 + 5 = 28 hours


Motorcycle Training: $789+gst

Scooter Training: $789+gst

Financing for your ProRIDE course is now available through our Retail Partners. Terms & Conditions apply. Click the button for more info.

Need individual attention?  Find out if 1-on-1 training is right for you.

Click the FAQ button for more info on Course Scheduling, Availability, Apparel Requirements as well as our Motorcycle Fleet!

** ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test may be waived upon successful completion of the Approved Course and Motorcycle Skills Assessment.

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After the Course

Your ProRIDE experience doesn’t end after 5 days! We find that students who ride 1000km or more after finishing the course are more confident, better equipped and more likely to pass the ICBC Road Test on their 1st attempt. To help you prepare, ProRIDE Graduates get access to a full menu of Graduate Support Services such as:

All Graduate Support Services are provided at an additional cost, but don’t forget that 1 additional Traffic Session AND the Road Test Support Package are included with your course tuition! You can be confident that ProRIDE will walk you through step-by-step until you are ready for your ICBC Road Test!

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Road Test Support Package — Included!

When you’re ready, let us help you challenge the ICBC Motorcycle Road Test! Graduates get access to preferred road test scheduling, available only through ProRIDE! After booking your test, you’ll be invited to join us for our Pre-Test Simulator. Consider this a rehearsal before the “big show”; we’ll outfit you with a radio and follow you around in traffic just as they do on the actual ICBC road test. Don’t worry — it’s not real and it won’t count, but we’ll let you know how you’re riding and what adjustments you can make for the real road test!

ICBC Motorcycle Road Test
ICBC Road Test

For the Pre-Test Simulator you’ll have access to a school motorcycle if needed, or BYO. We’ll also meet you at ICBC for your actual road test to provide you with the same bike again, if needed, as well as give you test-day support on-site before and after your test.

This package is valued at $159 but it’s included at no additional charge with every Survival Rider Program!

  • Sorry, unused Road Test Packages may not be exchanged for other services.

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How can I register?

Self-serve registration is available 24/7 using your smartphone or computer.  Our convenient online calendar is updated in real-time; Click the Register link below to view up-to-the-minute class availability.

New – Now you can also register in person at our new Registration Kiosk located at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver!

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Where are your courses held?

ProRIDE Survival Rider courses are conducted at Capilano University in North Vancouver.  Click the button below for more information on this beautiful facility, as well as directions and a map.

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When is the next available course?

Classes are conducted weekly between February and October each year, including holiday weekends. Each course runs 5 consecutive days, beginning on Thursday and concluding the following Monday. A new course begins each week on Thursday.

Scroll down to the next section to see more info on Class Times, or click the “Schedules” button to access our Real-Time Calendar and view the next available course.

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What is the course schedule?

Classes run on three different schedules depending on the time of year:

ProRide Class Schedule
2019 Class Schedule

During peak season we run two classes per week. At registration you will be given the option of choosing Day Class or Night Class. Note that Day Class and Night Class share the classroom time on the first two days.

While we strive to finish our classes on time, unpredictable traffic conditions which may delay our return times are unfortunately beyond our control.

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The date I want is unavailable; can you put me on the wait list?

There’s always a chance for a last minute cancellation, however we do not keep a wait list.  In fairness to all students, whenever possible anyone with an existing registration is notified first of any sudden openings, and given an opportunity to move up.

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What happens if I have to cancel or miss a class?

You may cancel your course on up to two-weeks notice and receive a full refund.
Late Cancellations and Missed Classes are addressed in our School Policies.

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I don’t have the right gear; can I still take the course?

Our classroom presentation will feature a thorough discussion about safety gear, including an opportunity for Q&A.  Some students may elect to defer any large purchases until after this presentation, and that’s perfectly fine with us.

Until you purchase your long-term safety gear & apparel, you can wear a short-term solution.  A sturdy jacket that zips up, along with a pair of long pants and some hiking boots with high socks may be sufficient for now, but keep in mind that these items provide minimal protection in the event of a fall.  Consider wearing your elbow and knee pads if you’re worried about falling.

A Full-Face Helmet with chin protection is required for the course.  Bring your own or borrow ours.

Click here to view Apparel Requirements >>

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Which bikes will we be riding?

ProRide Motorcycle Fleet

We have a diverse array of bikes in our fleet, including scooters, cruisers, sport bikes, standard and dual sport motorcycles from heavyweight brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Harley-Davidson.  Our fleet ranges in size and power, including bikes in the 111-400cc class, as well as the 401-750cc class.  Our lowest bike seats at just 26 inches, so even the most petite of riders can touch the ground with their feet flat while stopped or reversing.  The bikes are constantly rotating as we are buying and selling bikes frequently.

Each ProRIDE bike has been upgraded with the student’s safety in mind, including one or more of the following on each bike:

  • Sliders, Engine Guards, and/or Hand Guards
  • LED lighting for visibility in daylight, nighttime, and rainy conditions
  • After-market horn for a stronger street-presence
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
ProRIDE is the only school in Metro Vancouver with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in our school fleet, thanks to our friends at Trev Deeley Motorcycles!

The diversity of our fleet is one of the strengths of our school, and each student in our course has the opportunity to ride as many different motorcycles as possible.  Not only will this will help to ensure you get the most thorough education possible, but also you’ll be better prepared to make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your 1st bike.

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What if it rains?

ProRIDE classes run rain or shine. Quite frankly, learning to ride in the rain makes you a better rider. Few riders plan to ride in the rain, but since we live in “Raincouver”, getting caught in the rain is not a question of “if”, but rather a question of “when”. Learning to ride in the rain will help you prepare to face this challenge when it comes.

On the rainy days we open a couple of 10-ft canopies so you can dry off in-between each exercise.  We also provide Stormtech Rain Gear, or bring your own.  Just the same we recommend you bring a towel and a change of clothes for the drive home,  just in case.

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Questions about Road Testing

For more information on Road Testing, please visit our Road Test page.

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Register: Survival Rider Training

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