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ProRIDE Gift Voucher
  • All ProRide Gift Vouchers, Programs, Courses, and Services are governed by our Terms of Service;
  • All gift vouchers purchased or redeemed are subject to the terms and conditions printed therein;
  • All tuitions are subject to GST.

Redeem a Gift Voucher

  • Click the blue button to redeem a gift voucher:

Purchase a Gift Voucher

  • Vouchers can be purchased by denomination (generic), or for a specific program.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Gift Vouchers should be purchased under the DONOR/BUYER NAME; the Recipient name is not needed for the purchase.
  • Click the green button to purchase a Gift Voucher:

Note to Donors/Buyers:

  • Please input your own information on the billing screen so that the fees can be billed properly;
  • It is not necessary for billing to give us your Driver Licensing information;
  • The Recipient need not be defined or identified during the purchase.

Purchase: Gift Voucher

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