Motorcycle Skills Upgrade

Starting at $99+gst

Motorcycle Skills Upgrade
Upgrade your Slow-Speed Motorcycle Skills

Practice Makes Permanent

Brush up on old skills, and maybe learn a few new ones, including:

  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Tight Turns & U-turns
  • Emergency Stopping
  • Proper Use of Head & Eyes
  • Relationship between Clutch, Throttle & Rear Brake


This class is aimed at any rider who is experienced, currently riding, and interested in continuing to develop their skill.

Please note: This is not intended as a Refresher Course.  If you have not ridden in any significant amount of time then this is not the right course for you.  Rusty Riders are encouraged to look into our Survival Rider & Refresher courses.



  • Coming Summer 2018; Dates TBA
  • 10am to 2pm


  • This course is aimed at riders who are experienced and currently riding;
  • Must have a current Class 6, 6L, 8L, or 8N license in good standing;
  • 6L & 8L licenses must have supervisor/speed restrictions removed (must have passed MSA/MST); 
  • Must BYO Bike;
    • Bike must be registered/insured, and be street legal and road-safe;
    • Fuel not included;
    • Disclaimer: There’s a chance you might drop your bike in this class.  ProRide is not responsible to damages to your bike arising from your participation in this class.


  • Tuition for Non-Grads/General Public – $149+gst
  • Tuition for Survival Rider Graduates – $99+gst
  • Pre-Registration Required
  • Space is limited; reserve your spot before it’s full!
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