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Traffic Violations – Fines & Points

Super Troopers Meow

The following is a short-list of some motorcycle-related infractions and their associated fines & points. A more comprehensive and up-to-date list of fines & points can be found on the ICBC website: Licensing Drive contrary to restriction (ie. after

HOV Use for Motorcycles

Reserved Lanes

Is a motorcycle considered a High-Occupancy Vehicle? HOV Lanes Am I allowed to ride a motorcycle in an HOV Lane? HOV vs. Bus & Bike Lanes Is a motorcycle considered a High-Occupancy Vehicle? Section 42.01 of the BC Motor Vehicle Act

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Motorcycle Parking – Do’s & Don’ts

Motorcycle Parking Do

Do’s In Vancouver: Motorcycles can park for free where indicated by city signage; Motorcycles parked in designated metered spots pay a discounted meter rate; Motorcycles parked in non-designated metered spots pay 50% using PaybyPhone (where available) Motorcycles can share metered

Used Inventory For Sale

Used Inventory For Sale

We have listed the following used inventory for sale on Craigslist: 2001 Suzuki SV650S Motorcycle 255/65R17 All-Season M+S Tires 245/65R17 All-Season M+S Tires – SOLD 2008 Suzuki Marauder GZ250 – SOLD 2004 Suzuki GS500 – SOLD 2001 Infiniti QX4 SUV

Destination Riding & International Driving Permits

International Driving Permit

There are many great places to ride outside of Canada, including the US, Europe, and Asia. If you’re thinking of exploring some of these great riding destinations, make certain to pick yourself up an International Driving Permit. This multilingual document

ProRide in the North Shore News!

Tannis Hendricks

Thanks to Tannis Hendricks and the North Shore News for this amazing article on learning to ride! Return to riding brings about new perspective

How to pass the ICBC Motorcycle Road Test

ICBC Burnaby

“I’ve been driving/riding for years; I should have no problem passing a motorcycle road test!” This is a phrase that I hear often when discussing road testing with students and potential students.  The unfortunate truth is actually quite alarming, as

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Motorcycle Insurance in BC

ICBC Autoplan

How much does insurance cost? We get this question a lot, but the truth is that we don’t actually know. This is because there are many factors which can affect your insurance premium, to the point where two people with