School Policies


All ProRide Motorcycle Training Courses, Programs & Services are governed by the terms & conditions listed below.

All terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.


  1. All rates and tuitions are subject to GST.
  2. All rates and tuitions are subject to change without notice.
  3. Prior to the commencement of any practical training, a Waiver of Liability must be signed by the student.
    If the student is under the age of 19 then a parent or legal guardian must sign on the student’s behalf.
  4. Disclosure must be made to a ProRide Motorcycle Training instructor of any medical condition(s), use of drug(s) or medication(s) that would affect the use of a motor vehicle as set by the Standards of the Motor Vehicle Act.  (See waiver of liability)

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  5. All students must have obtained a valid class 6 or 8 learner’s license from ICBC before any training can commence with ProRide Motorcycle Training.  Students must present their learner’s license at the beginning of each class and carry it with them for the duration of training.
  6. All course fees must be paid in full upon registration.  A course space can be neither held nor guaranteed without full payment.
  7. Cancellations can be made with full refund until 14 days prior to the course start date.  All course fees paid are non-refundable after this time.
  8. ProRide charges a $100 late fee for any changes made to your registration or schedule within the 14-day period which immediately preceeds the 1st class.
  9. Specific equipment is required during training.  Please consult the following list:
    • Street-legal full-face motorcycle helmet (included or BYO)
    • Full-fingered motorcycle gloves (included or BYO)
    • Leather or armoured motorcycle jacket (not included)
    • Leather or armoured motorcycle pants (not included, denim, khaki or corduroy acceptable)
    • Leather or armoured motorcycle boots with ankle coverage (not included, hiking boots acceptable; sorry, NO SHOES!)

    ProRide Motorcycle Training will supply all students with the use of a school motorcycle or scooter, a street-legal full-face helmet, full-fingered motorcycle gloves, rain gear and reflective safety vests for traffic.

    ** ProRide instructors reserve the right to reject any riding apparel or safety gear which they deem to be unsafe or inappropriate.  Students without appropriate riding gear will not be permitted to ride.  Please come prepared. **

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    Missed Class Time

  10. Lessons are progressive, with each class building on the last.  Students who miss any class time for any reason will not be permitted to continue.
    There is no refund for missed classes, however students who are late or who have missed classes due to an emergency may be permitted to return and complete their classes within 90 days, subject to space availability and a $100 rescheduling fee.
  11. If a student does not have, in the instructor’s opinion, sufficient comprehension of the English language and the riding terms used throughout the course, the student will be unable to continue, without refund, due to considerable safety and communication reasons.
  12. ProRide Motorcycle Training cannot guarantee any one person’s ability to pass any required testing, or to safely operate a motorcycle or scooter. ProRide’s mission is to teach new riders safe survival riding skills in a diligent and professional manner.  Every instructor has the responsibility of constantly evaluating each student throughout the program to ensure their safety and the safety of others.
    If an instructor feels that a student does not possess the skills to safely operate a motorcycle or scooter and that they could, or have, hurt themselves or others the instructor reserves the right to cease training immediately without refund.
  13. If, after attending both parking lot days, it is determined that more parking lot experience is required, students may repeat the parking lot portion of the Survival Rider Group course, where availability dictates, at a rate of $100 if taken within 30 days of their original course start date.  ProRide charges $249 for any subsequent participation in parking lot training more than 30 days and less than 90 days from the original course start date.
  14. Private training (1-on-1) may be recommended before returning to the parking lot, and will be charged at the standard rate.
  15. Students must complete the full training within 90 days.  Any unused classes remaining after 90 days will be forfeit.

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  16. Any HORSEPLAY or negligent behaviour during class time that could, or does, cause any type of harm, damage, and/or accident will result in immediate termination from the course without refund. Students will be responsible for any damage resulting from negligent behaviour.
    If, during the Traffic portion of the course, a student damages their assigned vehicle beyond superficial damage the student will be responsible for the cost of replacement parts and labour. Parts may include, but are not limited to: headlights, fenders, shift levers, handlebars, pegs and mirrors.
    If a student’s assigned vehicle is unable to safely continue due to damage, training will be terminated without refund.

    Riding a motorcycle is not a right, it is a privilege.

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  17. Arrangements for Road Testing and MST are made at the ICBC Driver Licensing Office in Burnaby (3880 Lougheed Highway).
    All ProRide services on test day are provided at this location only.Students are responsible for any fees charged by ICBC.

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    Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA)

  18. The initial assessment and a same-day re-test of the MSA are included in the course fee and will therefore be provided at no extra charge.
  19. Only students who have successfully completed the Parking Lot Training and satisfied all of the practical requirements will be eligible for an MSA.
  20. ProRide Motorcycle Training will supply the motorcycle and assessment officer for any subsequent attempts of the MSA at a rate of $39 for each attempt.
  21. Students will not be able to attend the Road Ride portion of the course if they have not passed the MSA.  Students may have an opportunity to repeat the MSA and complete the Road Ride portion of the course at a later date, where availability dictates.

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    ICBC Road Tests

  22. Students must pass the MST OR submit Assessment paperwork to ICBC before they are eligible to take an ICBC Road Test.  Additionally, you may not take an ICBC Road Test prior to the Earliest Test Date printed on your Learner’s License.
    ICBC charges a fee of $50 for each attempt at the Class 6 Road Test.  Survival Rider Students may attend a Practice Road Test (Simulator) with ProRide before testing with ICBC.  ProRide Motorcycle Training will supply a reserved road test appointment with ICBC, a school motorcycle or scooter, a helmet, and gloves for your first road test attempt.  In addition to the ICBC Road Test fee, ProRide Motorcycle Training charges $49 for each subsequent road test attempt.  This will again include a reserved road test appointment with ICBC, as well as a ProRide motorcycle or scooter, helmet, gloves, and another practice Road Test.
    ICBC charges a cancellation fee if you cancel an appointment within 48 hours of your appointed time.
    GLP Licensees may be required to take a Class 8 Road Test before they are eligible to take the Class 6 Road Test; ICBC charges $35 for each attempt at the Class 8 Road Test.

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  23. Training bikes are available for rental to ProRide graduates only.
  24. Students renting a bike must have successfully completed the full Survival Rider Program and have their Supervisor/Speed restrictions removed from their learner’s license.
  25. Reservation required; availability may vary.
  26. Included: Helmet & Gloves if needed (or BYO), Unlimited Mileage.
  27. Insurance: Liability and Damage/Collision included, $2000 deductible.
  28. Local roadside assistance: $50/call, limited to 25km from Capilano University.
  29. Fuel is not included; students are required to refill any fuel used during their rental period.
    • A fuel surcharge will be applied if the bike is returned without being refueled.
  30. A Motorcycle Helmet which meets local safety and legal standards must be worn at all times while operating the training bike rental.
  31. Zero alcohol consumption while operating the vehicle (no exceptions).
  32. Renters and passengers must read and sign the rental agreement, and liability release.
  33. Traffic & parking violations are the responsibility of the student. Undeclared parking tickets not paid by the student will be charged to the student, and will include an additional $50.00 processing fee.

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